In July, the dating site was challenged by a data leakage and a warning from CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) concerning its customer files.

  • Journalists realised that the source code of pages corresponding to the profiles of site members revealed information that should never have been made public. Anyone could see the hashed password, last IP address, geographical coordinates and e-mail address.
  • In parallel with this, CNIL issued a warning to and seven other dating sites. Comments attached by employees to customer files are sometimes inappropriate, or even offensive. Dating sites are criticised for failing to apply the necessary precautions when collecting and handling sensitive information, in particular on the ethnicity or sexual preferences of individuals.

The cybersecurity of dating sites is a favourite subject for hackers and journalists. The disparity between the sensitivity of the data amassed by those sites and their inability to manipulate and protect databases appropriately leads to data leakages, with serious consequences for users.