CybelAngel defeats 1,700 startups to win the Slush Pitching Competition

CybelAngel represented La French Tech at Slush, one of Europe’s leading tech events along with the Web Summit in Lisbon. In Helsinki, CybelAngel defeated 99 other startups to win the Slush 100 Pitching Competition.

After being selected from over 1,700 candidates, CybelAngel defeated 99 other finalists in the Slush Pitching Competition by delivering a dynamic, visual pitch that won over the jury. CybelAngel’s chief operating officer, Evelyne Raby, said, “We’re extremely proud to have won this competition, competing against strong startups from around the world in front of a jury of renowned venture capitalists. It’s an incredible sign of recognition and international validation for our project.” Raby delivered the pitches during the competition.


Evelyne Raby, CybelAngel’s COO

CybelAngel specialises in cybersecurity, helping to protect large companies by detecting data leaks on the deep and dark web. Thanks to its unique technology, it can identify up to one billion leaked documents per day.

The company scans the parts of the web that are not indexed by traditional search engines, including the dark web and connected objects, identifying sensitive data leaks and hacking attempts.

CybelAngel is part of La French Tech, a government initiative supporting France’s startup ecosystem. Consequently, it received assistance and pointers from Business France at each stage of the competition. The company was selected to be present at the Business France pavilion during the conference. It also took part in coaching sessions on pitching projects.

What now for CybelAngel? In January, the company plans to travel to Las Vegas to take part in the CES tradeshow. Once again, it will be accompanied by La French Tech and Business France.

About Slush:

Since being founded in 2008, Slush has become one of the most important events organised by startups for startups in the global digital industry. In 2016, there were more than 17,000 attendees, including 2,000 startups and 1,110 venture capitalists, making for an unbeatable investor/startup ratio.