Top 10 passwords linked to love

Valentine’s Day is all about love – and Internet users are a romantic bunch. CybelAngel has come up with a list of the ten most popular love-themed passwords, based on millions of leaked credentials on the web.

Finding a different password for each account is never easy. Many people always use the same one – dictionary words, for the most part. Unfortunately, when websites are hacked, common passwords such as “password” or “hello” are easily decrypted or reversible, despite administrators taking steps to protect login details.

Regardless, Internet users are very romantic. The most common love-themed password was “iloveyou”, followed by “princess” and “jetaime”. Parents got their share of loving, although mothers were more popular than fathers: “ilovemymom” occupied 11th place, while “ilovemydad” occupied 18th. Meanwhile, “ilovesex” was ranked 16th.

Position Password
1 iloveyou
2 princess
3 jetaime
4 loveme
5 valentine
6 sweetheart
7 babydoll
8 love4ever
9 loveforever
10 romantic


Source: data on a group of 51 love-themed passwords taken from several databases containing a total of 440 million email/password combinations